Flights arrivals are well organized in geneva airport. You can pick up the travelers downstair. There are two différent arrivals and departure in gva airport, you have the geneva airport arrivals french side and geneva airport arrivals swiss side. More than 80 % of the trafic go and come to swiss side. 

As a french and living in Annecy, i have always take of and land at swiss side. It’s easier and more cool to spend time in the airport. French side is very small. 

When you have get back your luggage and go out of the international area, you have directly in front of you the tourim office desk. You can have all information you need about geneva, switzerland and also French Alps.

If you have to wait in the airport before take your plane or in waiting your taxi, somebody who must pick you up, you can go to the departure floor. Go in the direction of food and beverage area on the left side. Just before the toilet turn right and get the elevator to go to the geneva airport lounge “Altitude retaurant” at the 3 floor. You can eat or simply have a soft drink (juice, coke, coffee, tea…etc) This place is very cool and you have a nice view on all the plane and watch them take off or land.


Geneva airport to train station

The train station is next to the airport, just few minutes walking. Its very easy to get the train for all of your destinations. When you go out of the airport turn on right, but don’t worry it’s very well indicated. If you are not sure , just ask somebody and you will get the right direction. You don’t have to walk more than 5 minutes. Upper 7 minutes it probably mean you are in the wrong way. 


Geneva airport to city

The trains from geneva airport go all to geneva downtow “cornavin railway station”. It is the best solution to get geneva city and also the cheapest and the faster solution. The tickets are about 3 swiss franc and you can use it for an hour. You can also take the taxi if you are tired after your flight and if you want directly go to your hotel. But really, if your hotel is just close to the downtown railway station, you don’t need to take taxi. 

The other solution is to take the bus but is not best solution. Your decision will depend about where you are located to stay in Geneva. If you need information for your trip to Geneva, feel free to contact me via the comments under this article. Please feel free to ask anything you need to know, if i can help you, i will do it for free with a lot of pleasure.


Geneva airport to val d isere

Ski transfers from geneva airport propose you a lot of company and geneva airport shuttle. You have better time to check a lot before to buy your ski transfers to val d isere because you have all prices, simple to double price if you don’t looking for the best and cheaper transport solution for french alps. One of the biggest company is “cool bus” and you have also “alpes transports”. But check because you have a lot of other good company who propose you reasonable price. To give you an example, when i was private driver for ski transfers, our prices for a round trip geneva airport to val d isere was between 497 euros to 897 euro for 6 – 7 people.


Geneva airport to annecy

Geneva to annecy is about 40 minutes by car. From the airport you don’t have many choice to get annecy, if you don’t want to take a taxi, you will have to go geneva downtown and go to the “eaux vives” railway station to get a bus to annecy. But you have to that this solution will take a lot of time one and half hour. The other solution, the best one is to get private driver from annecy and it will be cheaper than taxi.You will pay arround 70 to 90 euro maximum. Again if you need information for annecy, please feel free to contact me, i m living to annecy and i can help you to make your trip to annecy the best. 

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